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3 Simple (but Powerful) Digital Marketing Strategies to Take up in 2019

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So long 2018… and so long the old digital marketing strategies.

To get a better result, the new year calls in for newer practices and strategies.

Here are 3 simple but powerful strategies that will take your digital marketing efforts in 2019 to newer heights:

1. Create more (and more) contents

If you’re not creating unique and relevant contents obsessively, today, across different channels, it’s going to hurt your business.

To reach out to more people, to engage your audience and to outdo your competitors, it’s essential that you produce high-quality contents in large quantity.

In addition, aside from creating fresh contents, you also need to be strategic about their distribution. You need to distribute your contents on different channels, with the right goals, and at the right time, on your blog, Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

2. Don’t chase every backlink

Not all backlinks are created equally. While such phrases started gaining momentum a few years back, many marketers and SEOs continue to seek backlinks from any and every source. Don’t be one of them.

Look for quality backlink opportunities. Don’t aim for backlinks from poor-quality websites who trade poorly in DA and PR. It’s going to do more harm than good.

Say goodbye to off-page SEO measures like URL directories, blog commenting and article submission.

3. Hire a digital marketing company in Kolkata


Or one of the top search engine optimization companies in Gurgaon, if you’re looking for SEO service in specific.

Digital marketing takes time and efforts. To that, unless you’re efficient in your approach, your ROI won’t be as good as it should. All these add up to make DIY a bad idea.

Instead, you should focus more on your offerings-making the proposition better. And let the professionals handle the marketing department. In the short run, this may look expensive. But over the course, with a better result from SEO and social media marketing, you will be rewarded big.


These are 3 simple but powerful digital marketing strategies that you must take up in 2019.



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