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3 Secret Ingredients of Highly Impactful SEO Strategies

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There’s no secret to how you can rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). You provide your target audience what they are looking for — and you do that better than anyone else.

That said, however, planning a successful SEO strategy is far from being this straightforward. It’s much more than just publishing contents and building links blindly. There’s so much more to it.

Here are 3 secret ingredients of highly impactful SEO strategies:

1.An editorial calendar

The only way to succeed in the digital landscape is to integrate SEO and content marketing strategies for maximum result.

When talking about content marketing, an editorial calendar is a fundamental part of it.

Just shelling contents on your blog around specific keywords is no more effective. Not at least today when Semantic SEO has dashed in the mainstream where content is based around high-value topics and NOT keywords.

To create such contents — to create a content asset for your brand — you need an editorial calendar of at least 3 months. You need a thorough plan about what types of content you’re going to produce over the next few weeks, what topics will you cover, what platforms will you distribute these contents on and more.

2.Multiple landing pages

Even when you’re targeting a specific consumer segment, it’s important that you realize that different people have different needs and preferences.

Meaning, even when they are looking to buy the same product, the intent, reason or purpose behind that could be different.

So, having multiple landing pages with personalized contents is very important if you want maximum conversion.

Have multiple squeeze and sales pages. Stash them with custom contents that include ultra-targeted primary, secondary and LSI keywords.

Not only does this improves your ranking and organic traffic for a diverse range of keywords, but this tactics also promises higher ROI.

3.The right expert insight

As mentioned, SEO is much more than just about publishing contents and building links blindly. There’s a lot to it — right from structured data to internal link building to robots.txt.

So, you can’t do it all by yourself. Having an expert by your side will always be of great help. This is why having one of the reliable SEO marketing companies in India by your side is so important.

Look around, do your research, and find one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata that offers dedicated SEO solution. Then work along with them to craft a better SEO strategy that’s more reliant on hard data and proven practices.

These are 3 secret ingredients of highly impactful SEO strategies. Add them to your existing strategy and stride to your goals much faster.




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