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21 Easy Ways to Make Some Extra Money Quickly (And Daily)

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Your job doesn’t pay you enough.

We agree on this, don’t we?

While it’s not easy to drop your job and look for something “better”, you sure can do plenty of things to make extra income.


Here are 21 ways to make some extra $$$ quickly and daily:

  1. Spend less or buy low-priced items. Money saved is money earned.
  2. Find deals on your purchases. These days, you can easily avail cash-back offers.
  3. Can you write? Start freelance writing. There’s a pool of businesses out there that are looking for good copywriters.
  4. Develop websites for clients. Unlike writing, you can learn about developing sites in a relatively quicker span. Moreover, you can learn coding online, for free.
  5. Start making YouTube videos. Once your channel is positioned well after a certain point, you will have a stream of daily income.
  6. Build a social media following and then promote sponsored content or products. Growing an audience will take some time. But once you have it, you will have a consistent flow of income daily.
  7. Have a vacant room? Rent it out. Or, list it on Airbnb.
  8. Sell gift cards online instantly. Don’t have those gift cards lying around in your house for no reason.
  9. Buy gift cards from your friends, family members, and others at a low price. Redeem them at a higher price. There are several good online cash for gift cards platforms out there that accept gift cards from countless retail chains and offer good money.
  10. Start stock trading. With online brokerage platforms now, this has become quite easy.
  11. Use sites like Swagbucks to make money by taking surveys and watching videos online.
  12. Join various referral programs and have your friends and family members to sign up for that service/company.
  13. Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways how bloggers are making big money today. It’s fairly easy. Join high-paying affiliate programs, become an affiliate, and help them sell their product or service. You will earn a big commission every time a sale is made.
  14. Become a virtual assistant. There are many business owners who want an assistant to stay organized, book appointments, and manage emails.
  15. Manage social media accounts of different businesses. You can find many such gigs online on freelancing platforms.
  16. You can always try data entry jobs.
  17. Enter into contests and giveaways. While the chances of winning them are quite slim, you can still win sufficiently if you apply in several of them everyday.
  18. There are many new parents who are always on the lookout for good babysitters.
  19. Take photos and sell them. There are several websites that buy good-quality photos at a good price.
  20. Own a car? Place an ad on it. There are platforms out there that can help you find ads. If not, you can even directly approach individual businesses with your proposal.
  21. Start a podcast. It is one of the hottest things right now with a very bright future in the voice dominated world. Again, building an audience will take some time. But once you have enough listeners, you can enjoy a consistent stream of income.

These are 21 ways to make more money quickly and daily.

Now, don’t overthink – and feel sad – about your low salary. Instead, take action and make more money.


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