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sel tmt bar price list in Kolkata

Commercial Construction Projects: 3 Tips to Lower the Cost


When the projects are big, it’s not rare to go outside the limit of the sanctioned budget. Many construction companies and contractors struggle with this when working on commercial projects. Table of Contents 1. Buy the right steel products 2. Minimize on-site accidents 3. Add more efficiency Conclusion If you – your company – is …

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digital marketing company

How To Run Your Digital Marketing Agency During Covid-19 Lockdown?

James Mitchell/

At a time when a significant percentage of the world’s population is under lockdown, it isn’t necessarily a great phase for business owners. But then this doesn’t mean you should wind down your business until things get back to normal. There are ways how you can effectively run your business and even turn COVID-19 lockdown …

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pure zinc oxide powder manufacturer

What is the Raw Material of Zinc Oxide Used for?


When Zinc, a metallic element, occurs naturally in soil, water and air, is heated alongside oxygen, the chemical reaction results in zinc to oxidize. The moment both the elements have evaporated and the vapour stage has been condensed into forming crystals, the outcome is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a fine white powder that is …

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resell gift cards for cash

How To Earn Cash Online When You Can’t Step Out Of Your Home?


Bear Grylls is one of the finest examples, when it comes to surviving in unforeseen situations. This global pandemic has made life difficult for all of us, especially those who are associated with small scale jobs. Earning money has become quite difficult as we cannot step outside our homes. This is a condition where you …

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mice travel packages from India

What Are The Top Destinations For Organizing Mice Events In India?


Statistics tell that India may spawn more than two million MICE visitors at the end of 2020. This proves that India is in a rising trend of being a robust and stable economic nation. And if you have zeroed on this country for your next offshore business event, check out the top mice tour india …

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