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15 Tips To How To Apply For Bachelor Degree In The USA

15 Tips To How To Apply For Bachelor Degree In The USA

By now you likely have read many in-depth guides on how to apply for bachelor degree in USA. If not, give this a quick read: How to Apply for College in USA for International Students?

So, we’ll keep this short, simple and very direct.

Here are 15 tips:

  • Don’t start the planning and preparation process very late. You must spare yourself with months so nothing is done at the last minute.

  • Don’t read 2-3 articles and call it “research”. The research process demands days and weeks of your time; it demands enough efforts on your end to pool information from different sources for effective decision-making,

  • Pick a college in the USA that ideally fits your needs, requirements, and goals – and not because a list calls it the best institute in the country.

  • Consider the faculty of that college and their achievements.

  • Do not undermine the campus culture. You need to pick a college where you think you can fit in properly so as to have a great experience.

  • Apply to more than two colleges.

  • Get your LORs or Letter of Recommendations from someone renowned and reputed. It could be a game-changer for you.

  • Unless it makes sense, send a unique or personalized State of Purpose to each college vs. sending them a generic SOP.

  • Read all the guidelines and terms of the colleges you’re applying to. Read them again. Some institutes could be quite demanding. You don’t want to miss even a point about what they want the applicants to do.

  • Don’t take your entrance exams like GRE, IELTS, SAT, more for granted. Even when you’re quite good at studies, you still want to put in enough time and effort in preparing for these tests. You must strive to score as high as you possibly can.

  • Find scholarships. There are many available today. The college you’re applying to might offer its own merit-based scholarships. So, do your research, find good scholarships, understand their terms and then prepare yourself accordingly.

  • Coordinate the dates properly. The visa approval, your session start date, air ticket, more – there are many things you must streamline for the process to be smooth.

  • Until everything is confirmed, don’t be assured of your admission. Keep your eyes open to ensure all the ends are done well – from the application to visa to finance.

  • If you’re confused about your career path, seek counseling. Never settle for a course that doesn’t suit your interest just because it’s popular or others are going for it too.

  • Find a good education consultancy firm and work along with them. Have experts to navigate you in the right direction in every stage of applying to a college in the USA.

These are 15 straightforward tips on how to apply for bachelor degree in USA. Getting admission even in the most prestigious American college isn’t difficult for as long as you steer clear of the basic mistakes.



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