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15 (Very) Quick, No-Nonsense Ecommerce SEO Tips

ecommerce SEO tips
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While the fundamentals remain the same, how one optimizes an ecommerce platform, vs. a regular site, varies… at least the tactical part.

If you run an ecommerce business and want it to rank higher on SERP, here are 15 very quick, no-nonsense SEO tips:

  1. Avoid duplicate meta tags. When you have too many pages and multi-level categories, it’s common to have the same meta titles and descriptions on multiple pages. Don’t make this mistake. Make sure the meta tags on each page are unique.
  2. Have at least 500-word content on each of your category page. Include the relevant keywords there.
  3. Minimize the images to reduce their size. It will positively affect the loading time of the ecommerce site, which will boost SEO.
  4. Include alt tags in every image. Given the high number of images, of different resolutions, many ecommerce sites miss this. They either forget or simply don’t care about alt tags. Don’t be one of them.
  5. Aim for less competitive medium-tail keywords – even when their search volume is relatively low. They are the low-hanging fruits that can fuel your SEO efforts in the initial stages.
  6. Don’t forget the LSI keywords. They would help add more context to your content, helping search bots better understand your pages.
  7. Have both HTML and XML sitemaps.
  8. Strip down all unnecessary features and make the site lightweight. The faster your site loads, the more it will be rewarded by the search engines. If you need help speeding your site, get in touch with a good SEO agency in San Francisco.
  9. Have short, meaningful, UX-friendly, keywords-rich URLs for each of your product and category pages.
  10. Make sure the site is optimized for mobile devices. It should be cleaner, smoother and easier to navigate.
  11. Ecommerce sites are often plagued with duplicate content/pages. Deal with this effectively with canonical tags.
  12. Create long-form blog content. Anchor text the relevant keywords and hyperlink individual categories/products.
  13. Implement schema markup to ensure star-based reviews are visible with your result on SERP.
  14. Start an affiliate program. While this will directly boost your sales, it is also an effective way to win a large number of backlinks if implemented strategically and creatively.
  15. Use Search Console, Google Analytics or any of your preferred analytic tools to see and understand the numbers. Understand what’s working and what isn’t. And then tweak your SEO and conversion strategies accordingly.

These are 15 very quick, no-nonsense, actionable ecommerce SEO tips. Of course, if you’re looking to slay competition and dominate search engines, there’s plenty more you’ll have to do – and you will have to do them with consistency. For that, hire the best SEO company in California.



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