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11 Memes That Explain About SEO in 2019

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SEO has changed a lot.

Sadly, not many people have managed to keep up with these changes.

The following 11 memes explain how SEO looks in 2019:

1.Throw away your existing opinion about SEO in garbage

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In 2019, everything has changed.

2.Content is the heart, soul and the existence of SEO

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It is everything!

3.But the content must be original

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…that showcases your thought leadership in your industry.

4.“Long-form content” isn’t always the answer

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(Courtesy: Search Engine Land)

People want content that brings them the most value. (And search engine wants what people want!)

5.Do what the official guidelines of Google say

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Basic it may look, it also promises long-term, sustainable rewards

6.When someone says “I want it quickly”

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Ranking on the first page of search engines isn’t easy. It takes time.

7.The good result takes time

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If you’ve done everything right, you need to deploy enough patience.

8.You’ve got to be on the first page

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(Courtesy: Twitter)

If not, you’re just irrelevant.

9.You’ve got to work with Google

seo company india

(Courtesy: Mangools)

Remember, you cannot trick the search engines for long. Treat them as a partner.

10.Targeting the “right” keyword is important

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(Courtesy: Sociable Blog)

Why do you think you’re recommended to hire the best SEO company in Kolkata for keyword research?

11.Don’t chase any and every backlink

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(Courtesy: Solvid)

You want “quality backlink”. The rest will do more harm than good!

If you want to rank higher on search engines, increase organic traffic and drive more conversion, hire a good digital marketing company India based today.




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